who is 'molardecay' ?

i hate talking about myself like this? it feels like a tinder bio... would you swipe right? anyways, hi! im dani(they/them). i wanted to say thank you for supporting me, i’m a queer artist in NC. i have always loved making art and it’s always been a passion, i never thought so many would love my art as much as you guys have shown me you do.

i want to make art that represents everyone. i want to showcase the beauty of all shapes, sizes, colors and "imperfections". i never see art that gives me goosebumps, or that i see myself in; so im changing that. along with aiming to showcase "alternative" beauty, i want to reduce landfill! i put a lot of love into my packages and i try reduce, reuse and recycle. so your packages may have cardboard box inserts from random things or may be a recycled envelope, and a lot of the bases of my art is thrifted! please reuse, recycle or keep whatever packaging you may get(i try to make it pretty for you)!